Welcome to Mommy's Little Monsters!

Exotic Pet Rescue and Educational Presentations

Santa Clarita Valley, California

Mommy's Little Monsters is a private, home-based rescue born out of my love for what some people call "creepy" critters.  Although I never recieved a formal degree, I have over 25 years experience keeping reptiles and invertebrates and rehabilitating sick or injured pets.  Most of what I know is based on real-life experience actually keeping these wonderful animals in my home.  More recently, I have begun to take in animals that others could no longer care for.  It is amazing how fast the word can spread!  I am now offering educational presentations for a small donation -- these donations help me care for the animals we currently have and enable us to help new ones as they come along.  All these creatures are legal pets in California -- they are not wild animals.  Exotic pets are gaining in popularity every day.  Unfortunately, they are now at risk of the same abuse and neglect that more traditional pets like dogs and cats face.  Even worse, many people just don't educate themselves about their exotic pet.  Without proper care and housing, these animals are leading miserable and short lives.  My goals are to educate audiences about these wonderful animals, to reduce the number of neglected pets, and hopefully to foster respect for the natural world.

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